Cyber-Duck Christmas Infographic 2012 featured on One Page Love

A year at Cyber-Duck 2012

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year! Scroll down to take a sleigh ride
with us to find out what the Ducks got up to this year. Enjoy!

The Ducks





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windows mac linux

Windows 50%

Mac 28%

Linux 22%

24,000 hours worked

backend uxdesign frontend management marketing qa

Back-end: 32%
6,425 Commits on Bit Bucket

UX & Design: 33%
6,425 Commits on Bit Bucket

Front-end: 11%
6,425 Commits on Bit Bucket

Project Management: 11%
6,425 Commits on Bit Bucket

Marketing: 6%
6,425 Commits on Bit Bucket

Quality Assurance: 7%
6,425 Commits on Bit Bucket

Some of the fantastic achievements
that Cyber-Duck made in 2012:

10 Prestigious awards

10 Keynotes

8 Events

9241-210:2010 Accredited

15 Staff members lost to the infection

13 Total hours spent in survival horror mode

117 Zombies neutralised

7.8 Zombies killed per survivor

In 2012 we hosted a number of events for like minded industry professionals.


422Digital Ponderers

26Articles & press releases



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Awards & recognition


windows-phone blackberry iphone android

Android 67%

Windows Phone 6%

Blackberry 5%

iPhone 22%

safari chrome firefox ie

Chrome 72%

Safari 6%

Firefox 17%

Internet Explorer 5%

Websites & apps

Support &
marketing retainers

Digital & UX consultancy


19 Websites & apps launched


192Hours spent on R&D in total


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60 Burgers

36 Mini Pizzas

60 Hotdogs

Junk food feasted upon during the hackathon

Cyber-Duck attended a fantasy survival experience day by Zed Events. This was at an abandoned shopping mall in Reading with actors dressed up as zombies.

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